YMCA of Superior California

Swim A Thon 2018

Annual Support Campaign

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sacramento Central YMCA

Friday, March 2
Morning & Afternoon sessions

There are two 2-hour time slots available on Friday, March 2nd. Participants can choose how long they swim during those two hours whether it be 15 minutes or for 2 hours. All proceeds go to the Annual Campaign.
Morning Swim-A-Thon Session: 7am-9am
      - For adult members
      - Water jogging is allowed
      - Can also swim during second session
Afternoon Swim-A-Thon Session: 4pm-6pm   
     - For all swim lessons participants
     - Kids in swim starter classes can use swim belts, lifejackets or kickboards
     - Kids in Stroke introduction can use Kickboards only
     - Kids in Stroke development or higher must swim.
     - Parents and siblings of swim lessons participants can also participate


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If you are interested in the YMCA Swim-A-Thon, register here.


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