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Lap Swim 6 Lanes - 1 lane may be taken for swim lessons

Date: December 11, 2019
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Please reference the pool schedule and look for times that lap swim is available. Also, please refrain from incorporating water walking or water stretching into your lap swim exercise routine.

Please attend Open Swim for water walking and stretching.

Look to the lane paces

Judging your own swimming ability and speed, please select a lane to enter that is similar to your swimming pace. Pace Lanes help, minimize the chance of swimmer collisions and unkind behaviors.

Join a lane

When joining a lane, it is courteous to wave or temporarily stop a nearby swimmer to notify them of your presence in a lane. Also, be welcoming if a swimmer decides to join your lane. This is a great time to suggest splitting a lane or circle swimming (see below).

Sharing a lane with fellow swimmers

1) Split a lane: Two swimmers agree to swim within one lane. One swimmer agrees to swim to the right side, and the other swimmer agrees to swim to the left side of the lane.

2) Circle Swim in a lane: Two or more swimmers agree to share a single lane, by swimming in a counter clockwise fashion on the right side of the lane.


If you are swimming at a faster speed than fellow lane mates are, then it is recommended to quickly pass the individual by swimming in the center until you pass the individual. If you are being passed, please stay to the right and allow the swimmer to politely swim by.


Please try to avoid excessive socialization or rest at the wall. If you need to take a short break, please stay to the corner of the lane so that others can continue their swim without disruption.

*Private lessons

Private lessons may take up the far lane for teaching. This lane will be for lessons and disabled use only during that time.

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