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Yes, the Y will still be open for outdoor activities which comply with the State's indoor gym closure order. Sacramento Central YMCA is currently open for outdoor gym, outdoor group fitness classes, and outdoor pickleball. Woodland YMCA Fitness Center is currently open for outdoor group fitness classes. Tuli Mem Pool in Esparto is open for swimming. Oroville YMCA is currently open for swimming and outdoor group fitness classes. Reservations for all of these activities are required and can be make at www.ymcasuperiorcal.org/reservations. For more information visit www.ymcasuperiorcal.org/welcomeback.

Will all branches open when restrictions are lifted?

We want to ensure we have considered the proper precautions, safety measures, and staff training to effectively reopen our branches. We have decided to take a staggered approach to make sure we were appropriately ready to reopen. Not all programs and facility amenities will be open and available when we initially open our doors. We will add classes and programming as we feel it is safe to do so.


Why can't I register for some classes?

Schedules are posted weeks in advance but reservations are only available two-days in advance. If you are having trouble registering for a class or program session less than two-days from the scheduled date, please contact your YMCA Branch to confirm Membership status or to resolve any technical issues.

Will there be designated times for only seniors to use the facility?

We will continue to offer classes for our Active Older Adults at our facilities and virtually at ymcasuperiorcal.org/virtual. We can also assist anyone with lower-traffic times if they would like to visit the branch.

Are there any extra precautions being taken for seniors?

We have placed classes for our Active Older Adults at a time that is less attended as an extra precaution for Seniors. Please contact us so we can assist you or anyone interested in finding lower-traffic times if you would like to visit the branch. We also plan to continue our Virtual Group Exercise classes through Y360, which has several offerings for our Seniors as well as our live Virtual Group Exercise classes through Zoom.

What can I expect when I come to use the pool? 

Be sure to register for your time slot before arriving by going to www.ymcasuperiorcal.org/reservations. Come dressed in your swimsuit, as locker rooms are closed, and take a shower on deck before you get in the pool. If you are so inclined you can bring your own equipment limited to a kick board, goggles or pull buoys.  Enter the pool at your designated end of lane. Your towel and backpack or gym bag stay with you at the end of the lane.  We ask that you try to rest between sets at the end of the pool where you have placed your personal items to maintain physical distancing practices. 

Will I be able to bring my family to the pool? 

Currently we offer adult lap swim and youth “Swim Team” lap swim with only one person allowed in a lane at a time and all lanes must be reserved prior to your visit. In line with the CDC, county, and state guidelines we are not able to accommodate recreational or “free swim”, swim lessons, or other aquatic programming options for families

When will programming such as sports and swim lessons start again?

We are currently evaluating how we can best deliver our programs in a way that is safe and in accordance with CDC, state, and local guidelines. Please continue to visit www.ymcasuperiorcal.org/welcomeback for continued updates. 

Will gyms be open for basketball?

As part of our effort to create safe physical distance throughout our facilities, some of our gymnasiums will be used for Child Care and Group Exercise and will not be open for basketball.  Some branches may be open, however no pick up basketball games will be allowed to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Why are you allowing Nationwide Membership?

Nationwide members are paying YMCA members. They belong to other Associations. Some members have various reasons why they live in one area but are presently in another. The Y is a place of familiarity and we welcome our Nationwide Members. They are always able to use our facilities and we can contact their home YMCA if needed.


I requested a membership hold; will my membership automatically begin again when facilities reopen?

Depending on when your membership was put on hold, your drafting cycle, or how long you have put your membership on hold is when your membership will start drafting again. If you have put your membership on hold but want to start going, or have questions about your hold, please let us know by contacting  your local branch.

Can I take my membership off hold now that the facilities are open again?

Yes! We can’t wait to see you! Please contact your local branch.

I’m not comfortable coming back even though you’re open, but I’ve used my 90-day hold. Can I extend my hold? What are my options?

We are looking forward to seeing you, but we understand if you may not feel ready to come back yet. Please contact us at your local branch and we can help you find the best solution for your membership.


How has the YMCA prepared their facilities for social distancing?

We have taken great steps to prepare our branches for social/physical distancing. We have trained our staff and worked to follow local guidelines the CDC, County and State guidelines put in place. Examples of our social/physical distancing measures include spacing out our equipment, limiting facility and room occupancy, and having staff wear masks where they interact with members. Visit ymcasuperiorcal.org/welcomeback for any new updates regarding our measures to prepare for social distancing.

Will the treadmills and other equipment be spaced 6 feet apart?

We will be alternating our treadmill and cardio usage to every other machine to ensure social/physical distancing measures are in place. We also plan on doing the same for equipment and will also be spacing equipment out as necessary.

Will the class sizes be smaller due to spacing concerns?

Absolutely. You will see class sizes a bit smaller to ensure we have proper spacing for our participants. Some of our classes, such as our most popular ones may be moved to larger spaces or outdoors to accommodate distancing measures. Our virtual classes will remain active and all members are invited to participate at ymcasuperiorcal.org/virtual.

How are spin classes going to operate when so many bikes are in one room?

When spin classes resume, we are going to limit our cycle class participation by requiring a reservation prior to attending the class. We will also be spacing out seating to every other bike or every two bikes depending on spacing and will be removing seats from bikes to ensure adherence to distancing measures.

How will the YMCA address social distancing with personal trainers?

We have specific measures in place regarding personal training. Trainers will maintain a 6’ distance from their clients and set up or prepare for their sessions prior to arrival. We will not allow for trainers to spot clients or members during this time. Trainers will be able to use our digital resources to deliver workout plans and any other information our members need. We also have virtual personal training available for those unable to attend in person.

Will the locker rooms be monitored for capacity for social distancing?

When our locker rooms are able to open, yes. Currently we will only allow bathrooms to be open. When we do, we will have distancing measures in place for locker usage and locker room usage as well.

How are you planning to enforce social distancing?

We have social distancing reminders throughout our facilities and staff have been trained on polite reminders when people might forget to maintain 6 feet.  We have updated our member behavior policies and will enforce that policy which may include losing membership privileges if necessary.


What do I need to know before I arrive? 

We are going to look and operate a little differently as we reopen. We will open to a lesser capacity in our branches. As a result, all activity, such as lap swimming, fitness room use, and group exercise classes will be by reservation only. We also ask that all members bring their own mat if they need one. Our locker rooms will not be available, so please keep personal belongings to a minimum. For continued updates on what to expect, please visit this webpage often ymcasuperiorcal.org/welcomeback

Why do we need to sign a member waiver before/as we return to the Y?

We are taking this opportunity to update our waiver for all members for two reasons: One, we felt it was prudent to add language regarding communicable disease, virus’, etc. but we also recognized we needed an updated waiver for the YMCA on file for our members. 

Will all amenities at each location be available when the facility reopens?

In an effort to create as safe of an environment as possible and to comply with the CDC, county, and state guidelines put in place, we will not be able to open all amenities at each location. When we do, we will have a plan in place and communicate to our members.

If not, when can we expect all amenities to be available?

It is important to make sure we can effectively serve all our members. As we comply with CDC and local government guidelines, we will open additional amenities when we are able and have determined we are ready to do so.

Is Child Watch opening? 

Child Watch will not be open at this time. We will add this service when space is available.

Why don’t you have towel service?

Towels are used to wipe sweat, soiled surfaces, and/or moisture from one’s body. Staff members would be responsible for gathering a large amount of those soiled towels to launder them. This poses a greater risk to our staff members and we decided to discontinue towel service temporarily as a result.

Where is the coffee?

We are taking a crawl, walk, run approach to getting back to reopening our facilities. When we are ready, we will open coffee service again. There are many logistics involved with our staff preparing and serving coffee while running other operations and we hope to be able to add it soon.

Will a mask be required while using the facility (staff and members)?

We will be requiring our front-line staff to wear masks that are in proximity to members and participants. We ask our members to follow the guidelines of the CDC and our local government regarding wearing masks.

Will temperature checks be required prior to entry?

We will be performing temperature checks on our staff and all members entering the facility. We will also be reminding our members to follow our Member Behavior Policy which includes making sure they self-report if they begin to feel symptoms and stay home if they are feeling ill. We will also require members to sign an updated waiver prior to entering our branches. 

Will hand sanitizer be available in every area of the facility or should I bring my own?

We will have EPA approved hand sanitizer available near our high touch areas in our branches and throughout our facilities. You are also more than welcome to bring your own.


What measures is the Y taking to minimize the risk of exposure to members in any facility?

We have taken great steps to prepare our branches for social/physical distancing as well as extra measures to disinfect our areas and equipment. We have trained our staff and worked to follow local guidelines the CDC, county and state guidelines put in place. Examples of our social/physical distancing measures include spacing out our equipment, limiting facility and room occupancy, additional disinfecting measures throughout the day, nightly deep cleanings, and having staff wear masks where they interact with members. For continued information about what measures we are taking as we reopen, please visit our webpage often.

Will the YMCA provide PPE materials or do the members provide their own?

We ask that members bring their own PPE when using our facilities.

Will there be a cap on allowed capacity? If so, will I be required to wait outside until permitted to enter?

We will have a maximum capacity for all activities which is why you must register in advance for all of our offerings. We encourage you to plan ahead and reserve as early as possible for days and times you prefer.

How will you monitor capacity limits?

We will have rosters and reservations for each activity, each day. We will be checking against those to ensure the member that has reserved it is the member using that time and activity.

Will YMCA staff be on hand to sanitize machines and weight equipment between each use?

Yes. We have staff sanitize equipment after use as well as ample amount of EPA-Registered disinfectant and sanitizer available for wiping down equipment. We will also perform a deep clean of our branches each night.

How are you disinfecting the facility?

We have trained our staff on our enhanced cleaning protocols and will be implementing them throughout the day. Each branch will also undergo deep cleaning in the evening after we close for precautionary measures.

How will member reports of other members with possible symptoms be handled?

Ensuring a healthy environment is our top priority and ill individuals will be asked to stay home until they are healthy. Reports of member or staff illness will be addressed by branch leadership based on the specific details of the report and staff observations. If you have concerns about someone’s symptoms or exposure you can report this information to branch leadership.


Will classes be offered when facilities reopen?

We will be offering group exercise classes when we reopen at a limited schedule and spacing. Some classes will be held in outdoor spaces to help with our social/physical distancing measures.

If classes are offered, will the schedule be the same as before?

As we follow governmental guidelines and CDC regulations in opening and taking extra safety measures along with social/physical distancing, we will be offering a limited schedule initially. We will build on the schedule as space and guidelines allow.

Will we be offering classes that have specialized equipment?

We will offer limited classes that have specialized equipment. We will ensure our social/physical distancing protocols are in place and allow additional time before and after our classes to make sure our equipment and area is properly disinfected and sanitized prior and after use. 

How will we reserve spots in classes?

Since our group exercise schedule will be offered at a reduced capacity, we will have online reservations. You can register for all classes and activities on our website ymcasuperiorcal.org/reservations.

Will the YMCA continue to offer on-demand and virtual classes even though the facilities are reopened?

We will continue offering virtual group exercise through our live private Zoom group for our members in addition to Y360 classes.

Yolo County YMCA Specific

Will the snack Bar at Tuli Mem be open?

We are unable to open the snack bar at this time in order to minimize risk. We ask that you refrain from bringing snacks or food with you to the pool.

Will there be a seating area at the Tuli Mem pool?

At this time we will not accept spectators.  During Kids Swim team lap swim we will allow one adult per child as space allows for social distancing to be enforced.

Will the Community Room at Tuli Mem be open for parties?  

Not at this time.

Will I pay at the pool or can I pay online?

You can pay by cash check or credit card at the pool.  

Sacramento Central Specific

Why are your hours shorter? 

Morning and evening hours are shortened by 30 minutes to allow for staff safety during outdoor setup and breakdown of the pool gate entrance check-in station.

When will you bring back normal operation hours?

Normal operating hours will resume when the fitness center opens.

Where do I check-in for Outdoor Group Fitness?

Check-in for Outdoor Fitness Classes is at gate on V Street.

Oroville Specific


The hours have changed at Oroville YMCA. We are not able to accommodate members walking in to use the facility. You must pre register for all activities.

WILL Fitness Equipment BE AVAILABLE?

At this time, the equipment will be closed until further notice.

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