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A Letter to our YMCA Family

Published 06.01.20




I hope this message finds you all safe. Over the past week, the national conversation has moved from the pandemic crisis to racial inequalities that equally plague our communities. Over the weekend, non-violent protests took to the streets to say that enough is enough, and that there is a need for change; that all of us need to see that Black Lives Matter too. While our news is filled with coverage of others who chose to damage our community in pursuit of their own agenda that was not in the spirit of the protests spurred by the murder of Mr. Floyd.

The YMCA of Superior California stands in solidarity with those who chose change through nonviolent ways. We salute those who met destruction and despair with brooms and kindness. There needs to be justice for unnecessary and heartbreaking tragedies like the loss of George Floyd, and countless others just like him. This matter goes beyond obtaining justice for Mr. Floyd and his family, but assuring that the next generation of children no longer have to live in a state of fear. We need to ensure that people of color are valued, listened to, and respected. This moment can and must be the catalyst for long term change.

The YMCA of Superior California is an organization for all and condemns racism and divisions in our community. Our mission is to inspire all people to a healthy life - in spirit, mind and body; but that can only be achieved when we understand the needs and plight of all in our community. We will continue to listen, and be there when we can to answer that call. If you are in need of help, pleases let us know how we can serve you. If you see how we can improve as an organization or be a leader for diversity and equity, please let us know.

The Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility are the elements that guide us in these challenging times, as always. We must remain optimistic.  We must be honest about this crisis and be willing to take positive steps forward. 

Please be safe and join our call to strengthen communities by taking a collective silent pledge with us:

  • We will not allow the hurt of our community go unheard and we will be better in our daily lives with all those we encounter.
  • We will take action by working to promote equity in our communities and collaborate more with our local and national community partners to combat inequities locally, nationally and globally
  • We will heed the Y's core values to be caring, honest, respectful, and responsible during this time of crisis.

The YMCA is for ALL.


Sharna Braucks
President & CEO 
YMCA of Superior California


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