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Remembering R. W. "Skip" Reynolds

Published 06.01.20

YMCA of Superior California Family,

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of R. W. "Skip" Reynolds this past Thursday.

Skip joined the YMCA Regional Board of Directors in 1988 and was our longest-serving Board Member. Skip was Board Chairman from 2004 to 2006 and served on numerous committees of the YMCA, including two CEO-selection committees that brought us Ronald Payne and Jay Lowden. When the State of California required independent audit committees in 2006, he served as Chairman until his health no longer allowed him to serve in that capacity in 2019.

As many of you know, Skip was an insurance broker in Sacramento and was very well-respected member of our community. Skip brought those invaluable insurance skills to the YMCA and always assisted us when we needed his sage advice. While he was a businessman, he always did what he could to keep the Y’s rates low, but ensuring we had the appropriate amount of insurance coverage to protect the Board, staff and members of the YMCA, especially the children.  Speaking of children, Skip was also a member of the Regional Board of Directors of Sierra Adoption Services and he himself adopted children.

Andy Sisk, YMCA of Superior California Board Past President, shared with us his friendship with Skip that started at the Y. “Skip is my all-time favorite Board Member.  I met Skip at the 1999 Sold on Youth Auction at Sacramento State University and I can still remember his smiling face, but more importantly, his tie that was graced with children.  When I joined the Regional Board of Directors in 2003, we got to know each other better and in 2004/2005, I also adopted two children which strengthened our relationship.  During some difficult years for me and my family, we enlisted the services of Sierra Adoption.  When I would share stories with Skip, he was always so understanding.  In a nutshell, Skip was compassionate about everything, especially the YMCA. When I heard the news, I reflected back to the day when I learned I had two tumors in 2018, both of which were successfully removed....and I survived.  Unfortunately, Skip was not so lucky.  But, I still remember him showing up to see me receive the Chauncey Dunn Award in 2018.  I was so honored by his presence and joining him as a prior Award recipient.”

Skip received the annual YMCA Chauncey Dunn Award in 2013. The Chauncey Dunn Award recognizes an individual or business whose efforts have influenced the YMCA's ability to the meet the mission in the community.  The recipient must exemplify the YMCA mission; enabled the YMCA to have a greater impact on its community; experienced a long tenure with the YMCA; and demonstrated involvement in the betterment of the community.  Based on what I have shared today, I think you can see why he so rightly deserved this award.  Skip, thanks for all you did for the YMCA and our communities.  You will always be remembered.

Our condolences go out to Skip’s family and friends. We are forever grateful to have had his influence on our leadership and our community.  Skip’s legacy lives on in the work we do at the YMCA today, and for many years to come.

Sharna Braucks
President & CEO
YMCA of Superior California

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