YMCA Fitness Center Update 1/20/21


Dear Y-Members,
Happy New Year! We hope your year has started off well and you are all healthy and happy. We want to update you on our plans for reopening in 2021 and share some of what we have been up to. When we were forced to close our doors to fitness programming in November, we told you that our plans were to re-open in January. Unfortunately, the latest COVID-19 report from the California Department of Public Health have completely dashed those hopes. Our region is now released from the Shelter in Place Order that started in December, and now we are back to Tier Assignments by county. As of Tuesday’s report reflecting cases through January 9, all three counties we serve are in the Purple/Widespread Tier, which prohibits indoor fitness operations. Some of you may be wondering about Outdoor Classes. We understand, as this week has been warm, but unseasonably so. Looking at the forecast ahead we are in for a week of rain starting this weekend. We will explore these opportunities as the long-term forecast for the weather and COVID-19 begin to improve.
From what we understand, we are likely through the worst of the “dark winter” predicted for COVID-19 community spread now that the holidays are over. Looking at the trends of the numbers before us now, we believe that our counties should be able to reach the Red/Substantial Tier for an opening by mid-February. We are not sure whether it will be on February 9 or 16 (numbers are released on Tuesdays and must be held for a two-week period), but we can assure you that we are preparing to open our doors for you as soon as we are allowed.
In the meantime, we encourage you to take advantage for our Virtual Fitness Community: 21 Jump Start, HomeAgain Virtual Sight Seeing Tours, and our Virtual Fitness Classes through YMCA360. You can find out more about these programs at www.ymcasuperiorcal.org/virtual. We have invested in these high quality offerings so that you can have a wonderful YMCA experience in your own home until you can come back to our facility.
Many have asked how the Y is doing. We have had one of the most difficult financial years in a long time. We have about 10% of our members left. 90% have canceled their membership or put them on hold. We saw reductions of approximately 60% in our child care programs in addition to a 100% loss of all of our youth sports, swim lessons, and many other program participants and revenue. 80% of our staff team is furloughed to help us reduce expenses in line with the loss of revenue. We are making the best of this time to improve your facilities and fitness equipment where we can financially and actively working on ensuring you have a safe and engaging member experience when you return.
This past year we have focused our work to combat the effects of this pandemic in our community through offering child care for essential workers, feeding those who are hungry, and hosting blood drives. That work has impacted thousands of people’s lives in positive ways. Without the work of the Y many would have been left hungry, jobless, and some even may have died without our efforts. Everything that our Y has been able to accomplish, and every person we have been able to help, has been achieved thanks to the support of our members, donors, and partners who saw a vital need in their community. We thank you on behalf of all the lives you have changed and made better through the YMCA. You can find out more about our work here: www.ymcasuperiorcal.org/inthenews.
Thank you for your dedication and support of our Y, we hope to have you back with us soon,

Sharna Braucks
President & CEO
YMCA of Superior California