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The Oroville YMCA Porpoise Club is a year around swim team that competes in the Sierra Nevada Swimming League and is a part of USA Swim. 

winter Practice Schedule:

Tuesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm
Saturdays from 9:00am-10:00am.


Online Registration

  • Swim Club Fees: $150 per semester (Y-Assist is Avaliable)

  • USA Swim and Swim-Smarter: $85.75 annually

  • OME (Online Meet Entry): $4-$18 per meet


Porpoise Club Competition  Groups: 5yrs-18yrs


Ages 5 and under and levels 4,5,6



6yrs-8yrs levels 4,5,6

Age Groups (AGO)

9yrs-10yrs, 11yrs-12yrs, 13yrs-14yrs, 15yrs-17yrs (18yrs)


Masters Team

Adults 18yrs and up


*** summer 2019 meets***



2019 Meet Schedule Coming Soon!


*Invitations, Trials and Finals will be announced as received.
**Split Meets (Swimmers attend Qualifying Meets)


AGO - Age Group Open       LCM – Long Course Meter              SCY-Short Course Yards
T/TF – Trials/Time Finals     SCM – Short Course Meter             INVITE - Invitationals



What is the Porpoise Club and why would I want my child to participate?

The Oroville YMCA Porpoise Club is a YMCA swim team serving the Greater Oroville area. We offer stroke development, endurance, personal growth, sportsmanship, teamwork, and safety skills. We have options for both those who wish to be competitive and non-competitive.

Where is the Oroville YMCA Porpoise Club located?

We are located and practice at Oroville YMCA:  1684 Robinson Street in Historic downtown Oroville.

What is competitive swimming and meets?

Swimming on a swim team is not like swim lessons. Upon joining the team our children in all Group levels are expected to either be learning or know the 4 competitive swim strokes. Those who are ready for competitions will register with Swim USA and then register for meets. At meets, children swim individually or as a relay team, in competition against other children in their division. Children are timed at these competitions.

What strokes do the swimmers use in competition?

Backstroke, Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.

How well does my child have to swim to join the Porpoise Club?

We accept children as young as 6yrs-18yrs as an optimum age for developmental readiness and ability to swim across the pool unassisted. Non-Swimmers and beginners, 6mo and up are encouraged to attend our Swim Lessons program where drowning prevention and basic skill development is our primary goal. Age 4 and up participating in level 4-6, will be evaluated by the coaches for mental readiness for one of our teams.

What is a Novice team?

The team is divided into 4, Novice Guppy is 5 yrs. and under, Novice Minnow is 6-8yrs, Age groups (AGO) are 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17, Masters 18 and over and Adapted Swim.

Is swimming in competition required?

No. competition is a choice between swimmer, parent and coach. We would like younger and non-competitive swimmers to experience the meet culture and excitement and to support their teammates. The meet is where all the hard work that the athlete has put in is rewarded through recognition of skills.

Does my child have to "try out" for the team?

There are no tryouts. We accept all swimmers who can swim across the pool unassisted. We will evaluate the swimmers on the first day at practice to be placed into practice groups.

How long is the swim season?

Oroville YMCA Porpoise Club is a year around swim team. Our year is from September to August and we operate our fee schedule on a quarterly schedule.

What happens if your child has a disappointing swim    

If your child has a poor race and comes out of it feeling bad, talk about the good things. First acknowledge that they’re feeling down, reassure them of how proud they made you. Talk about the good things the child did, never negative things. If your child says, "That was a bad race, don't tell me it wasn't," there is nothing wrong with the swimmer negatively evaluating their race. The important thing is for the child not to dwell on it. Steer on to something good. "All right, you have had a bad race. How do you think you can do better next time?"

What if my child is involved in other sports or activities?

Most of the young people in Oroville participate in other sports and/or activities. Balancing other activities with swim team is something that we take very seriously. This is a decision that the parents must decide, if they feel their child are able to participate in our program without added stress to the swimmer and your family.  We are year around and accept swimmers all year long.

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