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Reservations are required to visit YMCA Fitness Centers.

Follow these steps to make a reservation:


Click on "SCHEDULES & RESERVATIONS" in the top right hand

Scroll to the branch and activity and click the button



NOTE: Options are listed for all 3 of our locations. Make sure to filter for your location.

If this is your first  time making a reservation you will have to create a new account.


If you experience any error messages, try a new web browser.


Filter by location and category.

Choose time spot you want to reserve.

Click Sign Up

If this is your first time making a reservation, you will need to create a new login.

Complete your name, email address, and create a new password. (NOTE: this is a different login than any account you have created with the YMCA previously).

Click Reserve a Spot.

You should receive an automatic email confirmation from Group Ex Pro (our reservation system provider)

You’re all set! Review the welcome information at prior to your visit to ensure you are aware of all new safety protocols before you arrive.




This stems from security settings in Apple products. To be able to reserve spots if they are using Safari as their browser, they would need to do the following steps:

1. Go into Safari and click "Settings"
2. Scroll down to "Safari" 
3. Under "Privacy and Security", make sure that "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" is turned OFF
4. Turn OFF "Block All Cookies"

I have attached an image of where this setting is on an iPhone. If they want to go with 4b to allow just cookies for reservations then they would have to do this on a MacBook or PC.


Google Chrome:

There was a recent update to Chrome that has impacted many users to where it messes up their cookie settings. Even if Allow All Cookies is enabled, the Enable Cookies message may still appear. Our engineers and developers are aware of this and are researching to find the best possible solution.

In the meantime, there are a couple of alternative solutions that you and your members can use to bypass the Enable Cookies message:

After clicking Sign Up, in the URL bar of the browser, there is a little pop-ups blocked icon near the far right. Click it, check the option to Always Allow, then click Done. Now when they click Sign Up, it will open on a new tab. The cookies message will be gone and they can reserve like normal

Another option is to right-click on Sign Up, and open it either in a new tab or a new window. Just like in the previous method, the Sign Up box will be in the entire tab/window, the cookies message will be gone, and they can reserve like normal.