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Health coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client to guide the client along their own journey towards better health. A coach will support you in your goals, starting right where you are. A coach can guide you through a goal-setting process that’s appropriate for you, your lifestyle, your background, your environment, and your own learning style. Health coaching takes into consideration your whole well-being: fitness, nutrition, mental, spiritual, social, and emotional health!


Because coaching is a gradual partnership between client and coach to reach your goals, a commitment of at least 6 weeks is advised. If you have already been working on goals and would like to work on the “next steps,” the Advanced package may be enough for you. If you are starting a new habit or changing any lifestyle factor, a longer commitment of 10 weeks is recommended (Beginner-Intermediate package). 


10 sessions $800 ($80 per session)

6 Sessions $510 ($85 per session)

Follow Up Sessions ($90 per session)


Bundle it with our Personal Training options to receive discounted pricing!

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