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For children from 6 months to 3 years old, YMCA Swim Starters swim lessons help children become comfortable in water and teach parents about water safety.


When your kids take swim lessons at the Y, they’ll gain confidence and learn new skills in a fun, caring environment. Not to mention the benefits of staying active and healthy!


Private lessons are a great for kids who don’t do well in large groups, teens & adults for are just learning to swim, or any age looking to perfect their stroke.


The pool just isn't for kids. Join the fun and learn something new! Our adult swim lesson program offers individualized instruction for every level.

Knowing how to swim is a life-saving skill that opens up a vast array of opportunities to stay fit, develop self-confidence, build relationships and safely enjoy aquatic activities.


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Benefits of Swim Lessons with the YMCA:

  • America’s most trusted swim teacher with nationally practiced swim and water safety curriculum
  • Indoor, heated  pool open year-round
  • Skilled, trained swim instructors certified in CPR, AED, and First Aid
  • Two lifeguards are always on duty
  • Different class size options (Group, Semi-Private, Private)
  • Lessons for every level of swimmers and of all abilities
  • Affordable pricing and financial assistance are available to make swim safety accessible to all
  • And a full fitness facility available to members before, during, or after swim lessons

If you have any questions, please read through our F.A.Q. below. 

What should I know before I come for my first class?

Please shower before entering the pool, children under 3 must wear waterproof diapers at all times in the pool, due to the size of our Swim Lesson program we do not offer make-up lessons, if the Y cancels a class, we offer a prorated credit that will be available to you on your YMCA account.

How do I figure out my level?

At the YMCA we offer classes at a variety of levels and figuring out which level your child should be in can be confusing. There are a couple of resources we provide to make this process easier. First, you can follow this link to our lesson selector, by using it as a guideline you can figure out what level your child should be in. 

How large are the classes?

The size of a class often depends on the popularity of the time slot and of the class itself. They can range from 3 children to 6.  We will no longer run classes that have less than three participants. In the case, there are not enough children to run a class on its own you can either upgrade to make the lesson semi-private for an additional fee, or you can transfer to another time slot. In this scenario, you will be contacted by the Aquatics Coordinator and notified of any changes. If your semi-private lesson only has 1 child in the class time, you will be contacted by the Aquatics Coordinator and asked to move to a class time that works for you with another child, or you will have the option to upgrade to a private lesson for an additional fee. 

How do I find where to go for my lesson when I go down to the pool?

At the start of every lesson, each instructor will call out their swim lesson roster. Please listen for you or your child's name. If you are late or do not hear your name called, speak to the Swim Lessons Coordinator or an off-stand lifeguard and they will help place your child in their class. 

What should I bring to my lesson?

On your first day remember to bring

  • A towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Goggles (For more advanced classes)
  • Hair tie (For longer hair)
  • Lock (If you want to use one of the lockers) 
What are the available times?

Here at the YMCA water safety is a big priority for us so we try to offer our lessons at a variety of times so anyone can make time to learn these important skills. We offer group lessons that run Tuesday/Thursday or on Saturdays. We also offer Semi-private lessons on Monday/Wednesdays and you can find more information about those classes here. Our private lessons are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Once you have determined your swim level using the lesson selector or a swim test, click here to view our available lessons and register.

What if I don't agree with the level my child was placed in?

If you are not happy with the level your child was placed in even after being tested they can be re-tested to be placed differently for the next section, however they will have to stay in the level they were placed in for the current session.

What level are private lessons for?

Private lessons are designed to help participants ages 3+ and all experience levels. It doesn’t matter if you have never swam in your life or if you have been swimming your entire life, our instructors will be able to find a way to help you improve and practice your skills. 

Will I always have the same instructor?

In our YMCA swim lessons, we do our best to keep our instructors consistent. However, there are times when instructors get sick or have prior obligations. At those times we will have a substitute instructor. We do our best to minimize this need as much as possible. 

What happens if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, we do not offer make-ups for swim lessons at this time. 

What if my child can’t complete a session?

All swim lesson participants will be eligible for a partial refund (all but $15 processing fee) if they choose to drop out of lessons before the first week of swim lessons (start date indicated on receipt). There are NO REFUNDS after the first week of swim lessons. The only exception is a pro-rated refund for special situations including an injury where the child is unable to finish the month or a family-related emergency where the child is unable to complete the month. Credit for the pro-rated cost of the lesson will be issued if the YMCA has to cancel a swim lesson due to pool closure.

What if I have multiple children at different levels?

We do our best to offer a variety of classes at most times, so hopefully your children will be able to swim in their different levels at the same time. If you are having difficulty finding a time your children can swim together, you can contact the Swim Lessons Coordinator and she will happily do her best to help you find a time that works for you. 

What if I sign my child up for the wrong level?

If you sign your child up for the wrong level, email or call the Swim Lessons Coordinator. She will work with you to help your child get into a class that is right for them. 

What if I want a more individualized lesson?

If you are looking for a more individualized lesson, we do offer private (1 participant) and semi-private (2 participants) lessons.

When can I sign up?

Now! Registration for the rest of the 2023 swim lessons is now open. Register Today. 

Where is the pool located?

The Sacramento pool at our Sacramento Central location, 2021 W Street, can be reached by entering the lobby, going down the stairs, and through the designated locker rooms. If you have a disability that makes you unable to ascend or descend stairs we do have a locked pool gate door that you can go through. If you do not have a membership card that grants you access through the pool gate door, you can call the Member Services Desk at 916-452-9622 and they will let you in. If you are unsure of the location, you can come to our Member Services desk anytime and ask for a tour of our facility that will also include a look at our indoor heated pool.


The Rollingwood indoor pool at our Rollingwood YMCA location, 9373 Winding Oak Dr Fair Oaks, CA, can be reached through the weight room and cardio areas of the facility, as well as direct access to the indoor pool from our outdoor pool deck. If you are unsure of the location, you can come to our Member Services desk anytime and ask for a tour of our facility that will also include a look at our indoor heated pool.

For all swim lessons, questions, concerns, or comments please contact:

Sabrina Wiederhold, Aquatics Coordinator
916.452.9622 ext. 104


For information on Gold Country Swim Lessons:

Alisha Lester, Program Director


For any other information please contact:

Alexandra Lunar, Aquatics Director
916.452.9622 ext. 104