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YMCA Model United Nations

YMCA Model United Nations is a program for middle school students designed to promote engagement with, and understanding of, their world. The program relies on an experience-based model, where participants learn by doing - collaboratively developing solutions to real-world issues and presenting them to their peers and international experts. Over the course of the program, participants will learn the history and purpose of the UN, improve their grasp of world geography, discuss and debate major international issues, and gain an appreciation for multiple world cultures.

Join us for a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity like no other. In YMCA Model United Nations, our middle school ambassadors in grades 6-8 develop valuable skills such as:

  • Cultural competency
  • Evidence-based persuasion
  • Planning and decision making
  • A passion for teamwork and collaboration.

Students are challenged to take positions on and debate current-day issues from different perspectives as they dream up solutions to the world's most pressing problems. We have two delegations to serve you - one meeting in midtown Sacramento and the other in Grass Valley.

2022 Program Calendar


Sacramento Central Delegation meets Mondays from 6:00-7:15pm: April 25, May 2, and May 9

Gold Country Delegation meets Tuesdays from 3:45-5:00pm: April 26, May 3, and May 10

  • Meeting 1 - The UN, Countries, & Cultures
  • Meeting 2 - Selecting Our MUN Countries
  • Meeting 3 - Better Know a Country (or Two)


  • Day 1 - Saturday, May 14,10:00a-8:00p - Problem Solving for the World; Pool Party!
  • Day 2 - Sunday, May 15, 10:00a-3:00p - Project Presentations; Closing Ceremony

PROGRAM FEE: $95 Fee covers: program materials and supplies, MUN T-Shirt, snacks, meals (lunch and dinner Saturday and lunch on Sunday) and pool party at Saturday's Summit.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE: We are committed to equal program access for all and are dedicated to ensuring the benefits of MUN are available to every student in our community without regard to financial need. No delegate should ever drop out or refrain from joining because of financial concerns. If you want to do this program, we want you to do this program.