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Want some ongoing personal attention? Get a little extra help from a certified Y fitness trainer who will develop, monitor and modify your exercise program to meet your individual needs. Available at all of our YMCA Branches: Sacramento, Woodland, Rollingwood and Oroville.



New Members receive 3 Personal Training Sessions for $129!

This is a deal you won't want to miss out on!

Please complete our PT Assessment form and our Health & Wellness Director, Bret Gibson, will reach out to you to schedule your personalized assessment with one of our Trainers.


*Contact our Health & Wellness Director Bret Gibson to unlock YMCA Member Pricing*




Single sessions work well for those who want a customized workout plan without necessarily doing ongoing personal training. They are also great as follow-ups for those who just need a refresher. This is recommended for those who already have gym experience or have worked with a trainer.

Accountability: 1x per week (4 sessions)

This package is for those who like to work out on their own mostly, but want the expertise and guidance from a trainer on a weekly basis. This affords you weekly accountability with the needed push to stay true to your workout plan. This package is recommended for those who are confident to work out on their own and knows their way around the gym.

Active: 2x per week (8 sessions)

This package is designed for those who want to step up their fitness routine and make a deliberate effort toward reaching their goals. You will meet with a trainer twice per week and receive weekly guidance and adjustments to your routine. This package is great for building lifelong habits, ensuring that you are staying committed throughout the process.

Accelerate: 3x per week (12 sessions)

This package is for those who are ready to accelerate their results and achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed of. This is designed for dedicated individuals who want to take their fitness journey to the next level. You will receive the ultimate form of accountability, motivation, and a customized plan formulated to ensure your success.


Sacramento/Yolo Personal Trainer Pricing

Private Training


Semi-Private Training


Rollingwood Personal Trainer Pricing

Private Training

RW PT Pricing Updated

Semi-Private Training


Why should I participate in Personal Training through the YMCA?

The YMCA is not like ordinary gyms. Our mission is to Inspire all to a healthy life in spirit, mind, and body. With that mission in mind we pride ourselves in community, and we hope that by choosing one of our certified personal trainers that you will feel included in this community as well.

Can I do a trial package?

YMCA Members have access to a complimentary Health & Wellness Orientation where a trainer or coach will walk through some of the fitness offerings we have at the YMCA.

Prior to starting Personal Training with us, each participant will complete an intake consultation. Consultations are $15 for Y Members and $30 for Community Members.After the initial consultation we offer private and semi-private personal training in 2, 4, and 8 pack sessions that can be divided throughout the month, and will expire a month after purchase if not scheduled. 

How do I make a payment for personal training?

Once you have completed your intake consultation, the Health & Wellness Director will provide you a link to pay online or you can pay in person at the Member Services Desk.

How long do I have to use my personal training package?

We encourage that you complete sessions within a 30 day period to accelerate your fitness goals, however you will have up to 90 days to utilize your sessions with a trainer before your package expires.

What credentials do your personal trainers have?

Our trainers are all certified through ACE, NASM, and SCW

What is the difference between semi-private and private training?

Private training will be a 1 on 1 experience with a personal trainer. While semi-private training will be a 2 to 1 experience

Do I have to be a YMCA member to participate in personal training?

Personal training is available to everyone in the community! There is discounted pricing for YMCA members.


Do you have information available about your personal trainers so I can pick someone I think I might align with?

Yes! Please check out our certified personal trainer bio at

What can I expect from the assessment?

During your consultation your trainer will monitor as you do various exercises to build a baseline fitness starting point. This assessment will help your trainer build a program that is best suited for your needs!

What is the difference between a Health & Wellness Orientation and Personal Training Assessment?

The health and wellness orientation is going to be general information about equipment and locations around the facility. During this time a staff member will take you around the facility and answer any questions you may have regarding what to do in each location ie: cardio room, weight room, stretching area.

The Personal Training Consultation is personalized to your individual needs to help you reach your movement and fitness goals.

Can I still train and see results regardless of my past injuries?

Absolutely, our trainers will work with you to create a progressive program based on your needs and goals that allow you to progress towards your goals while taking into account any accommodations needed as well. 

Is it still safe to work with a trainer if I have a particular health condition?

Yes, in many cases working with a trainer will help your condition. Your trainer will make the appropriate accommodations to your program allowing you to progress in spite of your condition.

Do you provide Youth Personal Training?

Youths 10+ are able to participate in Personal Training services and their caregiver can be included in the session as well!