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Health & Wellness Orientation

All YMCA members receive a complimentary Health & Wellness Orientation upon joining! 

Schedule a 45-minute Health & Wellness Orientation to do a walk-through with one of our Trainers who will demonstrate specific exercises appropriate for different areas of the facility. 

  1. Fitness Equipment Overview 
    1. Learn how to use 3 different types of cardio equipment including how to vary your workout and monitor intensity.
    2. Learn how to operate at least 2 pieces of equipment (each) for the upper body and lower body in the cardio and weight rooms. 
    3. Learn how to use equipment in the Stretching/Core/Functional Fitness area with a demonstration of some stretches for the upper body, lower body, and core.
    4. Coaches will discuss how to select the appropriate amount of weight; proper form and alignment and breathing; how to decide on the number of reps and sets
  2.  Introduction to Group Fitness & Aquatics Class Schedules
    1. Coaches will explain different types of classes available, make recommendations based on individual interests/needs/availability
    2. Highlight classes appropriate for those with limited mobility (if applicable)
  3.  Introduction to PT, Semi-PT, and Small Group Training + Nutrition Programming & Services
    1. Coaches will describe how a Personal Trainer can further be a resource for more individualized attention/training needs, guiding step-by-step through workouts with design and equipment

How to schedule: 

To schedule your Health & Wellness Orientation, either email membership@ymcasuperiorcal.org or visit the Member Services Desk to book your orientation.