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YMCA of Superior California Future Fund

The YMCA of Superior California has a long history of generous donors giving funds that are held in an investment account as a way of helping fund the Y’s future work. 

These donations are a gift that keeps on giving—funds are retained in an investment account and the earnings from this investment account support the Y’s ongoing work in perpetuity. 

Donations to our Future Fund have a lasting impact and are essential to the long-term financial health of our Y. They offer donors a wonderful way to leave a legacy for generations into the future.

Our investment fund:

  • Provides a stable source of revenue for the Y, especially in hard economic times
  • Allows us to stay true to our mission of inspiring ALL to a healthy life by ensuring that we have funds for our financial assistance program that supplements program fees for those who cannot afford them.
  • Enables the Y to proactively plan for future programs that meet our community’s needs

The YMCA of Superior California’s Board of Directors is responsible for the management of our association’s investment fund, including its preservation, growth, and use according to donor intent. The investment fund is further overseen by the Board’s Investment Committee, which is guided by a written YMCA Investment Policy. This information is available upon request.

How to Give to the YMCA’s Future Fund:

Give a donation of any amount 
You can support our Future Fund by giving a donation of any amount, at any time. This donation will directly go to our Future Fund investment account. You can make your donation here. (All donors will be acknowledged as Future Funders in our annual report).  

Make a Planned Gift
You can support our Future Fund by giving a gift by way of your will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement account, or any other bequest. This donation will also go directly to our Future Fund investment account. All donors who give a planned gift will be inducted into our Legacy Society and acknowledged in our annual report. So that we can thank you now for your gift in the future, please let us know of your intention by filling out this form. Donors may opt to remain anonymous.

Request More Information 
For more information on how you can support our Future Fund and leave a legacy for future generations, please contact the Development office at 916-231-0362. You can also e-mail us at