Starting November 13, the YMCA of Superior California will partner with Y-360 and YMCA of the East Bay with recorded classes that you can take anytime you like. Not only do they have many of the same formats we offered, they have additional offering we didn’t have instructors for. We know part of the enjoyment of these classes was the opportunity to communicate with fellow Y Members and friends, and we are sad that we cannot provide that experience right now in-person or virtually, but Y-360 and YMCA of the East Bay have an incredible amount of content available for you to discover and we hope that it can maintain your health and wellness needs until we can re-open our fitness centers in January.



Access to today’s classes, on-demand workouts, coaching advice, and more.


Virtual Fitness Community Challenge

Let’s get together virtually and make sure 2021 doesn’t repeat what 2020 did to our fitness goals!

Introducing ‘21 Jump Start... our virtual fitness community challenge! When a Y-Member joins our Facebook group, they will automatically receive a shirt forjoining!

Find community from throughout the entire Association including the Oroville YMCA, Sacramento Central YMCA, and Woodland YMCA Fitness Center!