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Give the Gift of Health

Donating to the YMCA Can Transform Lives This Holiday Season


As the holiday season approaches, our minds often turn to the spirit of giving and helping those in need. 

This year, make a meaningful impact on both your community by contributing to the YMCA's Annual Campaign. You’ll not only foster a sense of community, but also contribute to the mental and physical health of individuals who may otherwise miss out on the life-changing programs and services offered by the YMCA.


Accessible Wellness for All:

The YMCA is committed to making health and wellness accessible to everyone, regardless of finances. Your gift will support the Y-Assist scholarship fund, which opens the doors for individuals who may not have the means to participate in the YMCA's programs. 100% of your donation to the Annual Campaign will go directly to help a fellow member of your YMCA family. 

Physical Health Benefits:

The vast majority of those who benefit from Y-Assist are children and seniors.  By giving to the Annual Campaign, you will be helping seniors live healthier, more connected lives. You’ll be improving their quality of life, and promoting physical health and well-being. You will help kids participate in sports, or learn to swim. Your generosity will be a catalyst for positive lifestyle changes, fostering a healthier, happier community.

Building Stronger Families:

Your gift can help a single parent stay in school, or working parents stay in the workforce, by providing safe, high quality care at the YMCA. Families facing financial challenges often find it difficult to prioritize health and wellness. Your contribution to the Y-Assist scholarship fund ensures that entire families can access the YMCA's facilities and services together, strengthening familial bonds and creating a supportive community environment.

How to Make a Difference:

1. Donate today through the Annual Campaign:

This holiday season, please give to the YMCA. You’ll be making a real difference in the lives of your neighbors and friends at the YMCA.

2. Spread the Word:

Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to join you in the spirit of giving by donating to the Annual Campaign. By spreading the word, you amplify the impact of your contribution, creating a ripple effect that transforms lives within your community.

This holiday season, give the gift of health by supporting the YMCA's Annual Campaign. Your contribution to the Y-Assist scholarship fund opens doors for those who need it most, fostering a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive physically and mentally. Together, let's make this season a time of generosity, inclusivity, and positive transformation. Donate to the YMCA's Annual Campaign and be a part of a healthier, happier community.