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Join Before June 15th!

Summer is the perfect time for kids to be kids, and this summer, we're making it easier to relax, and spend time with family at the YMCA!

Whether it's a family workout, swim lessons, childcare, or just taking time for you while the kids play... we'll help you find your fun, when you find the Y!


Between May 15th-June 15th, you'll pay No Joining fee on any new YMCA memberships.

Already a member? Send this deal to your friends & family - so you can enjoy the YMCA together!


What are you waiting for? Find your Fun, and Find the Y!






Bear Valley Resident Camp

Bear Valley YMCA Camp has been a destination for summer adventure for more than 80 years. At Bear Valley, we believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the High Sierra in a safe and caring environment.

Located near Emigrant Gap, Bear Valley provides kids with rewarding and life changing experiences. Read below for camping opportunities for ages 8-13 (Traditional Camp), ages 14-16 (Counselor in Training), and all ages (Family Camp).


Plus! New this year: Volunteer Junior Counselors

Too old to be a CIT? Too young to be a Counselor? 17 year olds can volunteer at camp during the 2023 summer season as "Junior Counselors''!


Click the link below to register or learn more!





With Junior Pickleball

This fast growing and highly addictive game is a combination of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Using a Pickleball paddle, wiffle ball, and a low net makes it ideal for all ages and abilities. The Rollingwood YMCA is excited to bring this popular game to our youth with Jr Pickleball. This 6 session class will teach your 7-13 year old the fundamentals of the game. Our qualified staff make learning fun and your child will see why everyone loves this game, whether they are 7 or 77.  


To learn more, click the link below for our youth sports registration and info page!






Looking to take control of your health and well-being? Join our 6-week holistic nutrition workshop led by experienced nutritionist Ashanti Ngozi.

In this workshop you will be guided through the fundamentals of holistic nutrition. You'll learn about cultivating a healthy relationship with foods while learning behaviors that support your health and vitality. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your health and well-being!


Thursdays 10:30-11:45 am, Starts June 8th

$120 for 6 weeks, $25 per session ($150/$30 non members)






That's Right- Video Game Leagues!

Does your child like video games? Are you looking for a way to give purpose to their gaming time? The YMCA Esports Program is for you! This program offers curriculum-based learning, while also being engaging and fun for kids who are passionate about video games. Using Nintendo Switches and popular Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Bros, players will improve their gaming strategies, while also learning valuable skills such as teamwork and communication. 

(Owning a Nintendo Switch is not necessary for this program.  We have loaners you can use during  the class.)


To learn more, click the link below for our youth sports registration and info page!





June Programs & Events

Special Friday Night Fathers Day "King of the Court"

(Guys Only) - June 16th, 7:00 - 9:00pm


Click Here to Check out more June Pickleball Events & Programs!

We would like to welcome Gail Kenney to the Y Pickleball Team!

Gail will be helping with our Pickleball 101 adult classes and spearheading our Summer Jr. Pickleball Program.


Gail has been playing pickleball since 2017 after having seen a tv news segment about it.  It immediately became her passion and for the first two years she was a daily player. After retiring, she focused on qualifying as an IPTPA Level 2 certified coach, and has been working with students since 2020. Teaching pickleball is one of her great joys!

We’d like to recognize some awesome Pickleball Volunteers:


A big THANK YOU to:

  • Gwen Warrener
  • Mike Boyce
  • Karen Leonard
  • Dave Smith
  • Les Chisholm
  • Cathy Stewart 

Thank you for helping to create a Pickleball program that has something for everyone! 

Gwen has been invaluable organizing and running our Pickleball tournaments. Les, Mike, Dave, Karen, and Cathy help with our Open Play, Pickleball 101, Pickleball 2.0 and our Jr Pickleball Program. 

We are so lucky to have you part of the Y Pickleball Program.

You all ROCK!


Congratulations to our Rollingwood and Sac Central YMCA Members who participated in our recent Pickleball Spring Fling Team Tournament. 


3.0 division

  • Team: Hook, Line and Stinkers:
    • Patti Miller, Ching Ching Chang, Bruce Vann, and Peter Hellmuth
  • Team: Mid-Towners:
    • Gary Van Wagner, Michael DiGracia, Harriet Joaquin and Terrye Witte
  • Team: Two Dinks & Lobbing Lasses
    • Todd/Michelle Habets, Jean Cramer and Nate Perkins (not pictured) Bronze Medal recipients (Pictured to the right)

3.5 Division

  • Team: Simply Smashing:
    • Mike Boyce, Karen Leonard, Linda White, and Kirk Bottomly
  • Team: Volley Llamas
    • Dirk Pearson, Debbie Pearson, Karen Clakely and Justin Kecxon, Bronze Medal recipients (pictured below)
  • Team: Dink Heads
    • Sam Hunt, Glenn Bisquera, Twee Washburn, and Julie Klinger
  • Team: The Real Dills
    • Scott Allen, Randy Allen, Camille Benvenuti and Trina Lee, Silver Medal recipients 

4.0 Division

  • Team: Dink Heads
    • Sam Hunt, Glenn Bisquera, Twee Washburn, and Julie Klinger
  • Team: The Real Dills
    • Scott Allen, Randy Allen, Camille Benvenuti and Trina Lee, Silver Medal recipients 






And Your Body!

Alzheimer's and other dementias cause memory, thinking and behavior problems that interfere with daily living.

Join the Rollingwood YMCA, partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association for an informational program: "10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's".


Learn how to recognize common signs of the disease; how to approach someone about memory concerns; the importance of early detection and benefits of a diagnosis; possible tests and assessments for the diagnostic process, and Alzheimer's Association resources.


Wednesday, June 7th 1:00pm to 2:00pm 






Check out Boost Swim!

This summer- help your kids feel safe in and around the water with Boost Swim Lessons at the Rollingwood YMCA! At Boost Swim School, We believe that learning to swim is a life skill necessary in a world comprised by over 60% water. We will teach your child to become water safe as quickly as possible and learn to swim, using proper stroke mechanics from the very beginning.


Boost Swim Lessons at Rollingwood YMCA are now open for registration! Visit the link below to learn more or register your child today.








Youth Dodgeball Coming this Summer!

The YMCA youth dodgeball league gives participants an opportunity to play the popular game in a safe and supervised environment. The program uses super soft balls with the safety of game play being an important factor.  Players will develop new skills, gain confidence, make new friends, and practice teamwork all while having tons of FUN!  


Who: Boys and Girls entering grades 1st-6th in the fall.

What:  Six weeks of games played one night a week.  (No game week of 7/4)

When: The week of June 19th through the week of July 31st. One evening a week. 

Where: Rollingwood YMCA, 9373 Winding Oak Drive Fair Oaks, CA 95628 

Cost: The cost is $52 for YMCA members and $72 for community members.

Registration: Registration will begin May 15th.






Fourth of July 2023

The Rollingwood YMCA will be open 5:00 AM - 2:00 PM on July 4th, 2023!


We invite you to escape the heat and get a workout in, take a dip in one of our pools, or just enjoy our space with friends and family!


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